Is Ramit Sethi’s Earnable Course Worth It?

Short answer: Hell yes! I don’t like to cuss, so that statement alone is pretty big for me, even though hell probably isn’t a cuss word.

Honestly, it did take me a long time to finally bite the bullet and sign up. But his material has paid for itself, and then some. I used his free stuff to slowly build a micro business(took me five years). Then, when I was averaging $500 a month with my little business, I started to tell myself, that it would pay for Ramit’s course. Once I signed up, I saw my micro business turn into a small business. My monthly average has now shot up to over $2,000, and I have only been in Earnable for two months. I am super excited to see what everything looks like in a year(knock on wood).

I am not affiliated with Ramit in anyway, I am just writing this article to tell you not to hesitate. Listen, if you’re the type of person that wants a million dollars in one month, doing hardly anywork, then Ramit’s and my material is not for you. It will take time, perserverance, dedication, and patience. Go follow the bros on youtube who rent all those houses, cars, and girls. Easy come, easy go.

I would like to give you two reasons to jump on board. One, Earnable is way more affordable than getting an MBA. Let’s be honest. We have all thought about business school in some way. I got my bachelors in business. But to be honest, let’s not waste our time to learn to be a good employee, let’s do what we actually are working towards, owning our own business. Who do you know that has a successful business of their own? All I knew was Ramit, Elon, and Bezos. And Ramit was the only one emailing me, lol.

Second reason to join, has Ramit failed you yet? I was first introduced to Ramit through his book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. My wife and I applied mostly everything we had gained from that book, and we saw our wealth increase drastically. So for me, Ramit had a proven track record. More than I can say about all those “gurus” out there.

Or don’t join and just keep day dreaming about what it would be like to own your own business. I’m not promising miracles, but with smart thinking and applying his methods, you will be far more ahead, then when you were on your own.

I hope this helps you make a calculated decision easier. Best of luck!



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