Second Reason Why You Should Join Ramit’s Earnable

So again, I am not affiliated with Ramit in anway, other than being a customer of his. So I get no kick backs in anyway by promoting his products. That being said, I am giving a second reason of thought on why you should join his Earnable course.

If there is somewhere you want to get, you ask someone who is there, or who has been there. We are spoiled in today’s society with GPS and smartphones, but in the day we had to use MapQuest, and print out directions. Even before then, we had to ask others how to get to certain places.

During this time, when I had to call for directions, I usually just called my cousin Dave. He would make it so easy for me to get where I needed to. He would point out previous places that him and I both visited, and make the instructions so easy for me. I couldn’t ask anyone else, cause they would always give me these street names, that I had no flippin clue about. Whenever I called Dave, I knew I could trust his directions, because he never failed to get me to my destination.

Ramit is my Dave, in the business sense. Ramit is past further than where I want to be, but he has passed where I want to be. I want to be at the point of $240,000 a year, in my own business, helping others get through their personal pain points, and move on with their lives.

Ramit gives the best directions for being a solopreneur. Through his free content, I have built a profitable side hustle. But I knew if I wanted to upgrade in a faster manner, I should join his course. It took my a while to join, but ever since, he has given me the road map to greatly increase my revenue, free up more time, and turn my little side hustle into a full-time job replacement income machine sooner, rather than later.

I feel his pain with my personal business. He’s giving the damn treasure map to the chest of gold, but most people would rather, waster years trying to find it themselves. Trust me, I thought the same, I could do this without spending money, I can figure it out, I’m smart enough. But once his free stuff started to bring in side income for myself(which took years), it made me more hungry to scale, this tiny micro business, into a full fledged business. I told myself, just pay the man the damn money, it will get us quicker to our destination. But not in an angry manner, it was in a thankful manner, because there was a fast pass option. I didn’t have to wait in line like everybody else. I had the option to purchase a fast pass, which saved me so much time.

My advice is this, find your Dave who is where you want to be. For me, my Dave is Ramit.

Best of luck!



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