How To Find A Profitable Business Idea

It’s super simple. So simple, that we pass it everytime we try to come up with thee best business idea possible. But here’s the secret question to ask, to find thee most profitable business idea for yourself, and you only. Ready?

What bugs you?

I know what you’re thinking, you’re a croc. But just give me a sec. Really think about it. Put all biases aside, clear your mind, and truly ask yourself:

What is bugging me right now? What is gnawing at most of my daily thoughts? And if I could only solve it, then I will have moved past this problem, and on with my life.

Let me share mine, that has generated tens of thousands of dollars for my family and I.

I had just accepted this new teaching position on the condition that I would pass this super hard certification exam. That would make me qualified to keep my job. I thought about it daily. It just stood there at the front on my mind constantly. It was nagging at me. I started blogging about this problem. Then I gained a small following with the same problem. They asked me to solve it for all of us. It tooks me months, but then I finally did.

Once I was able to solve the problem, I could help others do the same, with a small fee.

From that single problem being solved, it has brought me in tens of thousands of dollars on this side of my main income.

So I ask you again:

What bugs you?



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