Hitting One Million Dollars The Lazy Way

My goal is to hit $1,000,000 the lazy and comfortable way. I don’t want to live an extremely frugal life, I don’t want to cut Starbucks, I don’t want to freak out about the stock market, and I forsure as heck, don’t want to own real estate properties.

I want to eat out occasionally, have money automatically invested, and rent the property where I live.

I think it’s totally doable, even on a teacher’s income. Lets talk about it.

I have to pay down our $74,000 debt first.

Then invest in Roth IRA, Teacher Retirement, and Index Fund, to hit $1,000,000. I don’t want real estate. I will probably have to do bonds. I already have an online business worth $30,000(selling price, not yearly revenue), so maybe another business to help add as an asset.

I have to give myself a deadline, because all projects require one. So let’s use 2037, as the goal.

If I had to speculate, what that would look like, I would break $1,000,000 into: $450,000 -index fund, $50,000 savings, $200,000 -roth ira, $200,000 – two businesses, $100,000 – teacher retirement system.

Also, no debt, so it doesn’t throw off net worth value.

Let’s see if I can do it!


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