Creating An Online Business Course From Scratch

So, I’ve put the the personal finance consulting on the back burner. I am still waiting for my 3d printer, so they Etsy shop idea is on hold. But I am moving forward with my online course.

I am using Teachable, just cause I’ve heard good things about it, and it’s $29 a month. It also works well with my payment processor, which I already have up and running. So it was a no brainer to go with Teachable.

I am starting at the table of contents. That’s where my business coach Ramit Sethi suggested. I was able to write all that out. I started a Teachable account and started to add the outline there.

Once I finish the outline. I will start creating the content. I will create videos, probably not in order though. I will start with whatever I feel I can do that day.

We’ll see how long it actually takes to create a course. I would like to do it right though, and make it look as professional as I can.

Once I am done, I will talk with possible partners who have lots of traffic, but not too many products to offer, and split sales with them 50/50. But I’ll approach that when it comes up. I first have a product to create, so I can eventually offer value to someone who is looking to start their own online business.




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