Paying Off Credit Card Debt As A Teacher

Holas! lol. So my main focus is to rid my wife and I of debt. Small bites at a time.

Right now, I owe $1,800 on my credit card alone. It is my main focus to kill that amount. Fortunately, I have an emergency fund, so I don’t worry about random expenses coming up. I also have a side business that has brought in an extra $2,150 this month. It is providing me the opportunity to kill debt.

I paid off my car this month. Which I owed $1,200 on. Good for me.

Today I summitted a payment of $535 towards the credit card.

As money continues to come in from my side business, I will use that money straight towards that credit card.

Hopefully by end of April, I will have that balance down to zero. Then the student loans will be up to bat, all $24,000 of it. Hopefully.


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