Working With Your Partner To Get Out Of Debt

I am so very blessed to have the wife I have. We laugh together, we work at life together, and we love one another. She’s also super beautiful, and I’m like a 7 on my good days, lol, nervous laugh.

But we received our tax refund today, around $3,000, and she’s letting me use $500 of it to pay down my credit card. I owe around $1,000, so to be able to bring it down to around $500 I’d a big accomplishment for me. And totally manageable.

My side business brought in $200 in the last two days. But $150 will have to cover my re-curring monthly business expenses, Sam Cart, Convert kit, and SendOwl. Stripe only gets a cut when I get paid. So in the positive $50 for the month is a bright side. I will wait a couple of days to see if anymore sales come in, and then use that towards the remaining $500 credit card balance.

From there, the plan is the student loans. All $24,000 of it. Hopefully.

Let’s go!


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