How Much Does Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way To Freedom Cost

So, from what I have read, it costs around $2,000. I decided to research it, because she does an amazing job at selling it with her free videos. Kuddos to her.

But I already have a successful online business myself, and $2,000 just seemed kind of steep for my taste. I had came across a Reddit post, which said, “why pay that much, for stuff you kind find online for free?”. Usually I disagree with this type of statements, because it is just easier to pay someone, and quicker. I could go out and do my own brakes on my car, but that would cost me a lot of time, and the requirement of purchasing extra tools to make it happen. I ain’t got time for that.

But this is different. All I need is a computer and internet access. I already write for myself on two separate blogs. And I have a decent amount of confidence in my work and in my business. I could understand if I never had a website, or never wrote blog posts that people follow, etc. Then I think someone should pay for a quicker turn around time. But for those that are already kind of experienced, I would say to try it out on your own at first. You could always go back and pay for the program.

So part of my plan is to “cold email” a few websites that I like, and see if I can guest post.

I will use the steps from this blog post, to help me continue on this copywriting adventure.

If I feel like I need $2,000 worth of help, I will purchase Sarah Turner’s program.

Best of luck!


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