Do I Launch My Digital Product, Even Though It Is Not Ready?

Short answer: If the customers want it right now, give it to them!

I launched a digital product 6 months ago. Customers kept asking me for it, and I was like, listen, this is still a Beta version, so that’s what you’re getting. They didn’t care cause it solved their pain point.

But now, 6 months later, since I’ve increased prices, that want a part of the product fixed. So now that I have more revenue coming in, I forsure oblige to their demands. Cause without customers, my business does not exist. Happy customers, happy lives.

But, because this fix would take me 5 hours, and a lot of frustration. I just kicked it to one of my dependable contractors, who really doesn’t do this type of work, but likes money. It took him two business days, even though I told my customers it would take two weeks to make it happen.

Were they mad? Nope, they just said thank you and are waiting patiently.

The real question is, what if I never launched my product. This product to date, has brought in over $2,000 since I launched it. That’s not pocket change I would have lost.

Moral of the story, just launch it. If it sucks, they will tell you. Instead of offering a refund, let them know you’ll fix it, and send the updated version to them. Happy customers, happy life.


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