These Jobs Want To Squeeze Everything Out Of You, For Little Pay, Let’s Change That

So my job is planning to not renew my contract in two months. They didn’t say that verbally, but with their eyes and body language, they said that. I have been working as a computer teacher at my current place for over two years now.

They just kept adding more to my plate as time went on. Now I have a million hats to wear, without any pay increase or help. Even in the public sector, your employer will try to squeeze everything out of you.

But I am willing to bet, that if I applied half of the energy they are requiring of me, to my own business, I would make a ton more, be my own boss, and be so much happier. I truly believe this is not some pipe dream, but a reality.

I am using this momentum of not having a job in four months, to push me to get creative, work smarter, and put the effort in to replace my income. Hopefully!

Let’s go!



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