Do I Have Mild Symptoms Of Covid?

So this morning I lost my sense of smell, then by the afternoon I lost my sense of smell. As of right now, of these symptoms being lost, I have a slight headache and my nose is super congested.

I am taking my covid test tomorrow, but I’m pretty confident that I have Covid. I have never had symptoms like this before in my thirty years of existence, so I’m pretty sure.

But when everyone talks about losing taste and smell, it always seems like it was sudden, or that other symptoms never appeared before hand. I will try to go into detail about my case of Covid.

Today is Wednesday, I’m taking a wild guess and think I got it either Sunday or last Friday. That was when I was last in a public setting. Monday my shins started to feel soar, and I was starting to get light sniffles. Then by Tuesday I will getting light chills. but not actual chills. It did feel like my body did want to take a fever on, but it never ended up happening. Then this morning at breakfast I could tell something was really off, because I barely could taste my food. It wasn’t a complete 100% loss, but around 95% loss. That was at 7 am this morning, but at the time I could still smell.

But by 2 pm this afternoon, I couldn’t smell much. I grabbed some intense smelling hand sanitizer and I got a very faint whiff of it, but not like the extreme potency it always has. Then I sprayed my deodorant on my hand around 4 pm, and I could very faintly smell that as well. So not 100% loss, but definitely 98%-99% loss of smell.

I still have no fever. I have a headache, but found this physical therapist on Youtube that suggested on how to handle a mild case of Covid.

I will try to write tomorrow on other symptoms. I am quarantining and calling off work until the weekend. Hopefully over the weekend I will get my results and take next week at a time.

Hope this helps.


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