How To Make Money On TikTok

Being a blogger who has monthly income coming in from it, the system would work the same with a TikTok account.

First, you will have to put it as your main mission to help people. That is the most important part. You genuinely want to help people succeed somewhere. For me, it is to help people become wealthy and live the livestyle that fits their desires.

My first business was to help fist year teachers who work in Texas. From there I built a small audience. Then when I came to a really hard point that I had to solve, others had the same problem as well.

So first, find a group of people you want to help. From there, you want to help your audience solve a deep pain point.

Once you have a solution for that pain point, you want to offer it as an affiliate partner, or as a digital product.

Case in point. I was wanting to increase my python coding abilities and came across a TikToker who specialized in Python. He shared some cool tips. He seemed really knowledgeable. So I went to his website and bought his course for $27. He helped solve a problem, with his own course. I was happy that I got to learn more about something he was interested in, and I he was happy to be compensated for his time of setting up that course. It was a win win for both of us!

Case in point for affiliate offers. My wife found this lady who finds the best deals on Amazon, she is an affiliate partner with Amazon, so she gets a very small percentage of each purchase. But my wife is happy, because she gets a great deal, and the lady is happy because she makes a lot of small commissions that really add up. It’s a win win for both!

So right now, to make money on TikTok, you have to become an affiliate partner or create your own product to really make money.

That’s the same model you will want to follow. I wouldn’t depend on getting a million followers just to entertain them. TikTok is not like Youtube, where you can get paid vast somes of money just on followers and views alone. You have to offer something yourself.

I hope this helps!

Best of luck!



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