New Ways To Pay Down Student Loans

So I have my loans down to $20,998.98. I’m pretty happy, because earlier this year I started off at $23,379. So I’ve been able to pay down around $2,400 dollars over the last eight months. Slowly, but surely.

My 2022 goal is to kill my loans overall. I am a teacher, so I am hoping to get $5,000 forgiven at the end of this school year for teaching in an impoverished school for the last five years. We’ll see if that acutally gets approved.

My district is giving us $1,000 to stay for the rest of the school year. So I hope to apply half of that to my loans.

I am still talking with the state for $240 in my name that they have. And I will use the remainder of my savings bonds, of $200 to help pay the loans down. My mom said there might be more bonds out there in my name, so I will fill out a form to find more. My family was very generous when I was born and younger.

Side Business

I have a side business that brings in $500-$1,000 most months. I hope to apply most of that to the loans this month and next year.

Side Hustle

I would like to start making some extra cash on the side in my down time. I am thinking maybe being a waiter, but the area I live in not the greatest for tips, but still an idea. I could possibly commute to a better area on the weekend.

I was thinking of cleaning garbage bins in my neighborhood.

My goal would be to make the most, in the least amount of time. I would still like to be home with my family on Saturdays and church on Sundays. But I know my wife would be willing to work with me for a short amount of time, if necessary.

My friends give plasma. I might look into that(just found a new center close to me, might dive more into it).

As I continue to find more ways, I will definitely share more posts.




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