Lex Freidman Interview With Elon Musk(Part One)

I have gotten through the first 40 minutes of the interview, and its a real good one so far.

My two main takeaways from the first part are, the system to creating the perfect product, and cost is the key compenent to any endeavor.

Elon talked about how creating a product with already known tools, can somewhat inhibit the perfect product being built.

Secondly, everything that Elon talks about as far as his in Endeavors, he seems to relate it to cost. Like the price to get to mars currently is high and yet not possible. His main focus for getting to Mars is to bring down the cost of ton to space. He mentioned something about a billion per ton, but that it needs to get down to a million for everything to go as planned.

I love this approach because I base a lot of things on cost, or missed opportunities for actions we take.

I hope to write more on this interview!




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