How To Pay Down Your Student Loans Quickly

So it my my five year goal and my one year goal to payoff my student loans. I currently owe $20,269.98 in federal loans. I highly doubt uncle Joe(Biden) helps us, even though that was one of his campaign promises.

So my plan is to payoff my student loans as quickly as possible. Why? Because I would like to be well off financially, and one day “retire”(do what I want to do with all my time). But with debt, that will not be possible. Especially high debt.

Found Money

I have written about how I have found money in my name. First one was I asked my mom about savings bonds that she supposedly had in my name. She had some locked away and gave them to me. I am super thankful that I had parents and family that wanted to invest in me since an early age.

Second was, the state in which I live in, had money in my name. I filled out the paper work and received around $240 from previously over paid bills and different side jobs that I had.

Side Business Money

In the last three years I have been super lucky to have built a side business. But this is extra money that I am throwing at my loans currently. I also used this money to payoff my car last year. But now that that debt is paid off, my main focus is student loans.

I have another blog post on how I started my business and how I was able to scale a higher income out of it.

Side Hustle Money

A few of my top skills are writing, sales, and business. I am trying to try my hand at finding side jobs in copywriting to make extra.

I would work somewhere part-time, but I definitely look at the real hourly pay. After taxes, lost family time, lost travel time, etc. I am honestly trying to keep it higher than $20 an hour net. If it’s any less, then I know I can find something worth more of my time.

Covid is also playing a hard role in this decision. So most of the extra side jobs I am looking to find as online work.

Overall, I am hoping to kill this debt in the latest, five years.

Hope this helps. Cheers!



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