How To Get Over A Bad Break-Up

The quick answer is, it will take time. Like for real for real. It took me about four years before I could really start seeing a different picture.


Your true friends will be very helpful in this moment. My true friends I would see everyday, we would hangout and do all types of stuff. My mind wasn’t always there, but it helped to have funny and caring friends along the way.

We would do a lot of traveling and had a ton of great experiences.


My brothers and mom helped out a lot as well. They knew what I was going through and would try to help here and there.


Working helped take my mind of things. It was stressful work, so I couldn’t help put focus when I was there.

Working Out

Working out really helped me to focus on other things and helped my body cope with my depression. Having music while working out really helped as well.

Finally Facing The Music

I really didn’t move on until I faced the music. They wanted no part of me, and I had to come to terms with that. Not matter what my imagination could come up with to change the circumstance, the reality was, it’s over. I just had to move on. This is a lot easier said than done, but will eventually be necessary.

My heart goes out to you if you are reading this.

I ended up with someone far better for me, and I’m glad that I had to go through the valley of darkness to be with who I am with today.

Stay positive,



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