Starting To Learn Data Analysis On Coursera

Right now I am currently a middle school technology teacher. I would like to gain valuable industry skills to better myself and provide more for my family.

We had our third child and expenses are rising daily for my wife and I. She is also a teacher, but one day I would like for her to be a stay at home mom, so she can give our kiddos full-time focus.

I like to build and create things. Computer science was a thought, but right now, I do not have the dedication and interest to study such a indepth subject(imo).

Project management has been a thought, but for some reason I want to focus on a specific skill.

While I am taking Coursera’s Data Analyst course, I am fidning deep interest in the subject. I am always calculating and analyzing the most weirdest things in life, so I am highly interested in this subject matter.

I hope to share more about this journey.




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