Why I Plan To Leave Teaching After This Year

It has been a really hard past three school years. When Covid hit, it really changed the dynamic of teaching. First we went virtual, and then straight back to the classrooms. Unfortunately, we lost a few teachers to Covid. They had passed away. From there the discipline in the classroom was lost. Once some of the students got a taste of what it is like full-time out of the classroom, they didn’t want to come back to a regimented and focused full-time day.

This year alone has been especially hard for me. I originally liked my principal. It is his first full year at our school. I had high hopes about the difference he was planning to make. Unfortunately he is causing more concern and panic for teachers. He lost three teachers the first month of school starting this year. Which caused him to force other teachers in other subjects and grades they had not originally planned to be in.

He also forced me into a subject I had no prior experience in, because no one else wanted the position. He also hired a first year teacher for my position, just really kicking me out of the subject I liked. With no prior talks with me or any inclining that he was planning to do that.

Also, some of the students have been dis-respectful and lying about me. It’s been super hard to really know what I have done to them to cause this. They constantly come tardy to my class. Have no respect for those around them. It’s just a very small group compared to all the other great students I have around me.

I was really hoping this year would be awesome and great, but it has turned south for me and our school overall. It’s hard when you don’t have a lot of future teachers wanting to come into the profession, and some amazing teachers just leaving the profession because of the lack of respect and professionalism from administrators and some students.

Teaching will be the next industry that gets disrupted, and it might be for the best.


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