Day In Life Of Teacher(#1)

Being a teacher is super hard now a days. We are more than just a teacher. Today I am a state examiner. I have to follow a bunch of “legal” procedures or else I can “lose” my teaching license. I am also a police officer today. I have to check students for mobile phones and confiscate them if they are out. If I do not do that I have to hear about it from my chief, aka the principal.

Tomorrow I will be a liason for a high school. Last week I was the police/a body guard/Counselor for a student that wanted to fight another student.

It is hard. I am being paid well compared to the rest of the nation, but that takes me only so far. I am beyond tired and drained when I get home to my family. I have barely enough energy to give them each night. Weekends I am recuperating from the week and finishing home chores that I could not finish during the week.

I am also very sick at least once or twice a month. That is either from my child being at daycare or being in contact with over 200+ individuals daily.

The breaks I get I am recovering from the long weeks. Today I feel tired and exhausted from this week. I am having to adapt daily. It’s energy consuming and mind hurting.

I love my students and who they are. My coworkers are fine, some hate me. My admin is just along for the ride. We have new ones every year, just like teachers. This system is not sustainable.

My hope is to get out, into a data analytics position. I know work is hard everywhere, but I am hoping to have energy for my family when I am home with them. Hopefully.


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