Surviving Being A Teacher

I work in Texas for a smaller city. We do not have a union to protect us. It’s really like the wild west.

My prinicpal wants me to do a million things and I just don’t do them. I am on a growth plan. I could care less about it. I am really not getting paid more to do them and I am already getting time taken away from me.

I leave early. I don’t do the after school stuff. I don’t volunteer to take on anything extra than just being in the classroom.

I enjoy my day to day, cuase I get to set the pace for the day and I get to go at what im feeling that day. I can’t complain. I have learned to come out harder on the students to make my life easier.

I hate having to jump from school to school mostly every two to three years, but I guess it is what it is.

I use to try to please people but it was overwhleming and a headache and also a weight gainer. Now I focus on what I need to do and live has gotten more calmer and worth living.


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