What Is Wrong With Our Education System

I have worked for seven plus years as a school teacher in Texas. Texas is a big state so I can not speak for all of it.

But our education system is outdated and needs to be rebuilt and re-structured.

I am trying to develop future workers, inventors, and entreprenuers with an extremely archaic system.

We are trying to use and do things from the 1950s, or at least it feels like that. That’s almost over 100 years ago.

Instead of trying to evolve, we stay in the mundane and ancient ways.

I don’t know what exactly we need, but we do need change.


Teachers In Texas Are Hired Mercenaries

Most schools in Texas have major headaches. They are also very hard for some teachers to work at.

I have been with a district for no longer than three years. Someone usually gets moved in and teachers move out.

I am not worried though. There will be some school that lost a tremendous amount of teachers and then all the sudden need to do mass hiring.

But it truly hinders the students and their growth. If all we have is teachers constantly switching schools, then there is no routine or relationships being built. Everyone has to jump on the learning curve all over again and by the time they’re all caught up, they’re drained and want to move onto the next school.

Surviving Being A Teacher

I work in Texas for a smaller city. We do not have a union to protect us. It’s really like the wild west.

My prinicpal wants me to do a million things and I just don’t do them. I am on a growth plan. I could care less about it. I am really not getting paid more to do them and I am already getting time taken away from me.

I leave early. I don’t do the after school stuff. I don’t volunteer to take on anything extra than just being in the classroom.

I enjoy my day to day, cuase I get to set the pace for the day and I get to go at what im feeling that day. I can’t complain. I have learned to come out harder on the students to make my life easier.

I hate having to jump from school to school mostly every two to three years, but I guess it is what it is.

I use to try to please people but it was overwhleming and a headache and also a weight gainer. Now I focus on what I need to do and live has gotten more calmer and worth living.

Day In Life Of Teacher(#1)

Being a teacher is super hard now a days. We are more than just a teacher. Today I am a state examiner. I have to follow a bunch of “legal” procedures or else I can “lose” my teaching license. I am also a police officer today. I have to check students for mobile phones and confiscate them if they are out. If I do not do that I have to hear about it from my chief, aka the principal.

Tomorrow I will be a liason for a high school. Last week I was the police/a body guard/Counselor for a student that wanted to fight another student.

It is hard. I am being paid well compared to the rest of the nation, but that takes me only so far. I am beyond tired and drained when I get home to my family. I have barely enough energy to give them each night. Weekends I am recuperating from the week and finishing home chores that I could not finish during the week.

I am also very sick at least once or twice a month. That is either from my child being at daycare or being in contact with over 200+ individuals daily.

The breaks I get I am recovering from the long weeks. Today I feel tired and exhausted from this week. I am having to adapt daily. It’s energy consuming and mind hurting.

I love my students and who they are. My coworkers are fine, some hate me. My admin is just along for the ride. We have new ones every year, just like teachers. This system is not sustainable.

My hope is to get out, into a data analytics position. I know work is hard everywhere, but I am hoping to have energy for my family when I am home with them. Hopefully.

Why I Plan To Leave Teaching After This Year

It has been a really hard past three school years. When Covid hit, it really changed the dynamic of teaching. First we went virtual, and then straight back to the classrooms. Unfortunately, we lost a few teachers to Covid. They had passed away. From there the discipline in the classroom was lost. Once some of the students got a taste of what it is like full-time out of the classroom, they didn’t want to come back to a regimented and focused full-time day.

This year alone has been especially hard for me. I originally liked my principal. It is his first full year at our school. I had high hopes about the difference he was planning to make. Unfortunately he is causing more concern and panic for teachers. He lost three teachers the first month of school starting this year. Which caused him to force other teachers in other subjects and grades they had not originally planned to be in.

He also forced me into a subject I had no prior experience in, because no one else wanted the position. He also hired a first year teacher for my position, just really kicking me out of the subject I liked. With no prior talks with me or any inclining that he was planning to do that.

Also, some of the students have been dis-respectful and lying about me. It’s been super hard to really know what I have done to them to cause this. They constantly come tardy to my class. Have no respect for those around them. It’s just a very small group compared to all the other great students I have around me.

I was really hoping this year would be awesome and great, but it has turned south for me and our school overall. It’s hard when you don’t have a lot of future teachers wanting to come into the profession, and some amazing teachers just leaving the profession because of the lack of respect and professionalism from administrators and some students.

Teaching will be the next industry that gets disrupted, and it might be for the best.

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Starting To Learn Data Analysis On Coursera

Right now I am currently a middle school technology teacher. I would like to gain valuable industry skills to better myself and provide more for my family.

We had our third child and expenses are rising daily for my wife and I. She is also a teacher, but one day I would like for her to be a stay at home mom, so she can give our kiddos full-time focus.

I like to build and create things. Computer science was a thought, but right now, I do not have the dedication and interest to study such a indepth subject(imo).

Project management has been a thought, but for some reason I want to focus on a specific skill.

While I am taking Coursera’s Data Analyst course, I am fidning deep interest in the subject. I am always calculating and analyzing the most weirdest things in life, so I am highly interested in this subject matter.

I hope to share more about this journey.



7 Habits of Highly Effective People(Part 1)

So I am going through this book. This is not my first run in with this book. I had a roommate after college who worked for a small construction company. The leadership made all the employees dissect this book and do a group study. Well that was ten years ago. Now they are a multi-million giant in their own perspective and continue to grow every year. My friend who has always been a hard worker has been super successful for these past ten years.

I am in the section where it is breaking down the main habits of succesful people.

I am hoping to apply these principals in my life, especially the first three. I think I could be a better partner and dad. I know I could be a better team player.



How To Get Over A Bad Break-Up

The quick answer is, it will take time. Like for real for real. It took me about four years before I could really start seeing a different picture.


Your true friends will be very helpful in this moment. My true friends I would see everyday, we would hangout and do all types of stuff. My mind wasn’t always there, but it helped to have funny and caring friends along the way.

We would do a lot of traveling and had a ton of great experiences.


My brothers and mom helped out a lot as well. They knew what I was going through and would try to help here and there.


Working helped take my mind of things. It was stressful work, so I couldn’t help put focus when I was there.

Working Out

Working out really helped me to focus on other things and helped my body cope with my depression. Having music while working out really helped as well.

Finally Facing The Music

I really didn’t move on until I faced the music. They wanted no part of me, and I had to come to terms with that. Not matter what my imagination could come up with to change the circumstance, the reality was, it’s over. I just had to move on. This is a lot easier said than done, but will eventually be necessary.

My heart goes out to you if you are reading this.

I ended up with someone far better for me, and I’m glad that I had to go through the valley of darkness to be with who I am with today.

Stay positive,


Jose Rosado Is A Genius

Today I watched Gumroad’s interview with Jose Rosado. Let’s just say it was a game changer for me personally.

I have been reading atomic habits lately, and Jose’s approach sums it up accordingly.

Just keep putting out tiny executable actions daily, and the interest will compound.

That’s my goal and plan.