Why I Plan To Leave Teaching After This Year

It has been a really hard past three school years. When Covid hit, it really changed the dynamic of teaching. First we went virtual, and then straight back to the classrooms. Unfortunately, we lost a few teachers to Covid. They had passed away. From there the discipline in the classroom was lost. Once some of the students got a taste of what it is like full-time out of the classroom, they didn’t want to come back to a regimented and focused full-time day.

This year alone has been especially hard for me. I originally liked my principal. It is his first full year at our school. I had high hopes about the difference he was planning to make. Unfortunately he is causing more concern and panic for teachers. He lost three teachers the first month of school starting this year. Which caused him to force other teachers in other subjects and grades they had not originally planned to be in.

He also forced me into a subject I had no prior experience in, because no one else wanted the position. He also hired a first year teacher for my position, just really kicking me out of the subject I liked. With no prior talks with me or any inclining that he was planning to do that.

Also, some of the students have been dis-respectful and lying about me. It’s been super hard to really know what I have done to them to cause this. They constantly come tardy to my class. Have no respect for those around them. It’s just a very small group compared to all the other great students I have around me.

I was really hoping this year would be awesome and great, but it has turned south for me and our school overall. It’s hard when you don’t have a lot of future teachers wanting to come into the profession, and some amazing teachers just leaving the profession because of the lack of respect and professionalism from administrators and some students.

Teaching will be the next industry that gets disrupted, and it might be for the best.


iHateWaste Marketing Inc.

Problem: Credit card companies sending mail that just gets thrown out.

Solution: Reach potential customer digitally. We will find your customer digitally, and message them.

Step one: reachout to credit company to see if they are interested.

Starting To Learn Data Analysis On Coursera

Right now I am currently a middle school technology teacher. I would like to gain valuable industry skills to better myself and provide more for my family.

We had our third child and expenses are rising daily for my wife and I. She is also a teacher, but one day I would like for her to be a stay at home mom, so she can give our kiddos full-time focus.

I like to build and create things. Computer science was a thought, but right now, I do not have the dedication and interest to study such a indepth subject(imo).

Project management has been a thought, but for some reason I want to focus on a specific skill.

While I am taking Coursera’s Data Analyst course, I am fidning deep interest in the subject. I am always calculating and analyzing the most weirdest things in life, so I am highly interested in this subject matter.

I hope to share more about this journey.



7 Habits of Highly Effective People(Part 1)

So I am going through this book. This is not my first run in with this book. I had a roommate after college who worked for a small construction company. The leadership made all the employees dissect this book and do a group study. Well that was ten years ago. Now they are a multi-million giant in their own perspective and continue to grow every year. My friend who has always been a hard worker has been super successful for these past ten years.

I am in the section where it is breaking down the main habits of succesful people.

I am hoping to apply these principals in my life, especially the first three. I think I could be a better partner and dad. I know I could be a better team player.



How To Get Over A Bad Break-Up

The quick answer is, it will take time. Like for real for real. It took me about four years before I could really start seeing a different picture.


Your true friends will be very helpful in this moment. My true friends I would see everyday, we would hangout and do all types of stuff. My mind wasn’t always there, but it helped to have funny and caring friends along the way.

We would do a lot of traveling and had a ton of great experiences.


My brothers and mom helped out a lot as well. They knew what I was going through and would try to help here and there.


Working helped take my mind of things. It was stressful work, so I couldn’t help put focus when I was there.

Working Out

Working out really helped me to focus on other things and helped my body cope with my depression. Having music while working out really helped as well.

Finally Facing The Music

I really didn’t move on until I faced the music. They wanted no part of me, and I had to come to terms with that. Not matter what my imagination could come up with to change the circumstance, the reality was, it’s over. I just had to move on. This is a lot easier said than done, but will eventually be necessary.

My heart goes out to you if you are reading this.

I ended up with someone far better for me, and I’m glad that I had to go through the valley of darkness to be with who I am with today.

Stay positive,


Jose Rosado Is A Genius

Today I watched Gumroad’s interview with Jose Rosado. Let’s just say it was a game changer for me personally.

I have been reading atomic habits lately, and Jose’s approach sums it up accordingly.

Just keep putting out tiny executable actions daily, and the interest will compound.

That’s my goal and plan.

How To Pay Down Your Student Loans Quickly

So it my my five year goal and my one year goal to payoff my student loans. I currently owe $20,269.98 in federal loans. I highly doubt uncle Joe(Biden) helps us, even though that was one of his campaign promises.

So my plan is to payoff my student loans as quickly as possible. Why? Because I would like to be well off financially, and one day “retire”(do what I want to do with all my time). But with debt, that will not be possible. Especially high debt.

Found Money

I have written about how I have found money in my name. First one was I asked my mom about savings bonds that she supposedly had in my name. She had some locked away and gave them to me. I am super thankful that I had parents and family that wanted to invest in me since an early age.

Second was, the state in which I live in, had money in my name. I filled out the paper work and received around $240 from previously over paid bills and different side jobs that I had.

Side Business Money

In the last three years I have been super lucky to have built a side business. But this is extra money that I am throwing at my loans currently. I also used this money to payoff my car last year. But now that that debt is paid off, my main focus is student loans.

I have another blog post on how I started my business and how I was able to scale a higher income out of it.

Side Hustle Money

A few of my top skills are writing, sales, and business. I am trying to try my hand at finding side jobs in copywriting to make extra.

I would work somewhere part-time, but I definitely look at the real hourly pay. After taxes, lost family time, lost travel time, etc. I am honestly trying to keep it higher than $20 an hour net. If it’s any less, then I know I can find something worth more of my time.

Covid is also playing a hard role in this decision. So most of the extra side jobs I am looking to find as online work.

Overall, I am hoping to kill this debt in the latest, five years.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Lex Freidman Interview With Elon Musk(Part One)

I have gotten through the first 40 minutes of the interview, and its a real good one so far.

My two main takeaways from the first part are, the system to creating the perfect product, and cost is the key compenent to any endeavor.

Elon talked about how creating a product with already known tools, can somewhat inhibit the perfect product being built.

Secondly, everything that Elon talks about as far as his in Endeavors, he seems to relate it to cost. Like the price to get to mars currently is high and yet not possible. His main focus for getting to Mars is to bring down the cost of ton to space. He mentioned something about a billion per ton, but that it needs to get down to a million for everything to go as planned.

I love this approach because I base a lot of things on cost, or missed opportunities for actions we take.

I hope to write more on this interview!



How To Find Lost Savings Bonds

So I am looking for extra ways to find money to pay down my student loans. My mom had some savings bonds in my name that she has held onto for me since I was younger. It came to a total of $825. She said that she thought she may have lost some other ones that were in my name.

So, I went online to the Treasury website for lost bonds. I printed off the forms needed to get re-issued the bonds in my name.

It didn’t take long to fill out the forms. But I did need to get the papers notorized before I sent them in.

I don’t know if I have any in my name anyways. I’m hoping to hear back from them eventually. But I am not holding my breath.



New Ways To Pay Down Student Loans

So I have my loans down to $20,998.98. I’m pretty happy, because earlier this year I started off at $23,379. So I’ve been able to pay down around $2,400 dollars over the last eight months. Slowly, but surely.

My 2022 goal is to kill my loans overall. I am a teacher, so I am hoping to get $5,000 forgiven at the end of this school year for teaching in an impoverished school for the last five years. We’ll see if that acutally gets approved.

My district is giving us $1,000 to stay for the rest of the school year. So I hope to apply half of that to my loans.

I am still talking with the state for $240 in my name that they have. And I will use the remainder of my savings bonds, of $200 to help pay the loans down. My mom said there might be more bonds out there in my name, so I will fill out a form to find more. My family was very generous when I was born and younger.

Side Business

I have a side business that brings in $500-$1,000 most months. I hope to apply most of that to the loans this month and next year.

Side Hustle

I would like to start making some extra cash on the side in my down time. I am thinking maybe being a waiter, but the area I live in not the greatest for tips, but still an idea. I could possibly commute to a better area on the weekend.

I was thinking of cleaning garbage bins in my neighborhood.

My goal would be to make the most, in the least amount of time. I would still like to be home with my family on Saturdays and church on Sundays. But I know my wife would be willing to work with me for a short amount of time, if necessary.

My friends give plasma. I might look into that(just found a new center close to me, might dive more into it).

As I continue to find more ways, I will definitely share more posts.