How To Make $2,000 A Month From Your Blog

So, I know they’re q lot of bloggers out there, who want to quit their full-time job, travel, and just work on their blog. I love it!

For me personally, I have a lot of debt to still pay down, before I jump on that ship. I also have two kids and a wife, so most definitely not anytime soon for myself.

But, I’ve already hit $2,000+ a month from my blog. Super blessed to have hit this goal.

Here’s one possible way to accomplish that.

1. Niche Down. I know they’re are a lot of people trying to drive the most traffic to their sites. But what if you only needed 200-300 visitors a month. And not 10,000-100,000. Very doable.

2. Offer Supreme Value. I offer my own products at high prices, because I am scratching my own itch.

3. You already have a website. It’s not that hard to add value, where visitors will pay.

I plan to offer more help on this in upcoming posts.

How Much Does Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way To Freedom Cost

So, from what I have read, it costs around $2,000. I decided to research it, because she does an amazing job at selling it with her free videos. Kuddos to her.

But I already have a successful online business myself, and $2,000 just seemed kind of steep for my taste. I had came across a Reddit post, which said, “why pay that much, for stuff you kind find online for free?”. Usually I disagree with this type of statements, because it is just easier to pay someone, and quicker. I could go out and do my own brakes on my car, but that would cost me a lot of time, and the requirement of purchasing extra tools to make it happen. I ain’t got time for that.

But this is different. All I need is a computer and internet access. I already write for myself on two separate blogs. And I have a decent amount of confidence in my work and in my business. I could understand if I never had a website, or never wrote blog posts that people follow, etc. Then I think someone should pay for a quicker turn around time. But for those that are already kind of experienced, I would say to try it out on your own at first. You could always go back and pay for the program.

So part of my plan is to “cold email” a few websites that I like, and see if I can guest post.

I will use the steps from this blog post, to help me continue on this copywriting adventure.

If I feel like I need $2,000 worth of help, I will purchase Sarah Turner’s program.

Best of luck!

Working With Your Partner To Get Out Of Debt

I am so very blessed to have the wife I have. We laugh together, we work at life together, and we love one another. She’s also super beautiful, and I’m like a 7 on my good days, lol, nervous laugh.

But we received our tax refund today, around $3,000, and she’s letting me use $500 of it to pay down my credit card. I owe around $1,000, so to be able to bring it down to around $500 I’d a big accomplishment for me. And totally manageable.

My side business brought in $200 in the last two days. But $150 will have to cover my re-curring monthly business expenses, Sam Cart, Convert kit, and SendOwl. Stripe only gets a cut when I get paid. So in the positive $50 for the month is a bright side. I will wait a couple of days to see if anymore sales come in, and then use that towards the remaining $500 credit card balance.

From there, the plan is the student loans. All $24,000 of it. Hopefully.

Let’s go!

How I Got Of Forbearance On My Student Loans

So I had a come to Jesus moment when my tax returns never got to me. They went straight to my student loans. Then the icing on the cake was when I wanted to apply for a mortgage. Things really started to add up.

That’s when I knew I had to get my crap together. All in all I had $24,000 in student loans to payoff.

First things first, I had to make a phone call to see what I could do. I called this number, 800-557-7394. I told them I wanted to start paying back my loans. They asked me if I could just repay all of it, I said heck no. They then asked if I could afford $700 a month payments. I didn’t respond. He told me he was sorry but that he had to go through all this. I said no worries. He then told me that he would email me a income repayment application. Once I filled it out, they would send me a monthly number to pay back.

I did it, it took them about a month to get back to me. The number they sent back off of my income and expenses, was $128 a month.

They told me I had to pay it for 9 months, and then they would take my loans out of forebearance.

9 months later, they did. And now I work with Great Lakes, and pay them $128 a month. They want to raise it, but I am trying to payoff other debts before they do that.

I am hoping to kill all $24,000 within the next year.

Wish me luck!

I Increased My Credit Limit With Capital One

My credit limit was $5,500 originally. My credit score jumped up by 40 points within the last month. Kind of surprised I was only allowed to increase it by $500, for a total limit of $6,000.

But I guess with Covid and other things going on, they’re not allowing extravagant increases.

But an extra $500 is an extra $500. Just hoping to increase my score. Still planning to keep my balance at $0.

Creating My First Course On Skill Share

So far so good. It was super easy to create a teacher account. In the process of describing the course. They suggest to add a project to help as well. I don’t know if I will add one.

I have to start creating videos for it. I have a 1080p camera. The free editing software that comes with Microsoft, didn’t take the videos I made before, so I had to download Video Shot Open Editor. I will let you know more about it, as I create new videos.

Really I just want to get one online course under my belt. I am offering super valuable material, but this is my first course ever. I just want to do a good job and get it done, to learn what I can do better the next time.

Let’s GO!

I’m Leaving Teaching To Work For Myself

Yesterday I was brought into a meeting with my CTE director and principal. They told me I had until June 14th to get a really hard certification, or they would not renew my contract. This is the second time they’re doing this to me.

My plan in the next 75 days, is to be working for myself. I’m done with being taken advantage of.

All the hard work that is asked of me as a teacher, and only to be treated like a cog.

I already have a small side hustle that brings in some income, but I want something to fully replace my monthly paycheck. Which around $3,300 after taxes, and all the other deductions.

I will probably start with Fiverr and Skillshare. From there I will continue to find avenues of income.

But enough is enough.

I Plan To Pay Off Half Of My Student Loans In 2021

I plan to pay down as much of my credit card debt as possible, by the end of April. But May, I plan to put at least $1,500 a month towards my student loans, until the end of this year.

Because my side hustle is bringing in at least $2,000 a month, it’s very doable. Because I also paid off my car, I no longer have to worry about my $257 monthly payments.

Then, hopefully in 2022, I only have to pay off half of the current remainder, then my main focus, will be my wife’s student loans, Lord willing.

I have a game plan, all I have to do is act on it.

Best of luck!


Game Plan For Hitting Millionaire Status

Kill The Debt

All in all, my wife and I owe over $84,000, our student loans being the biggest driver of that.

So far I have been able to payoff my $14,500 car loan, that I’ve had for four years. So that has helped us significantly. I am now onto focusing on my credit card debt, which is around $1,800. From there I will focus on my loan, because it is the lowest. Then from there, my wife’s loans. Obviously, I am using the snowball effect.

Increase Assets

We currently have a Roth IRA for each of us, and we have Teacher Retirement System accounts with the state of Texas. I am saving to open a index fund with Vanguard(need $3,000), and once all debt is paid off, I will focus on contributing as much as possible to all those accounts.

I am not interested in any other types of investments, especially real estate. I am super lazy and do not want to deal with the stress of managing properties. There’s more than one way to hit millionaire status.

Increase Income

I like being a teacher, and so does my wife, even though it is a super hard career, especially in Texas. So I am not thinking of switching jobs up anytime soon. But I have been blessed with a high paying side hustle, that is averaging $2,000 a month in profits.

This side hustle or side business, has helped my family and I out significantly. It helped me payoff miscellaneous debt I had on my credit report. It is also helped my pay down my car loan faster(that and stimulus checks). And now it is giving me confidence to pay down my big debts. Super blessed to have this asset.

All great things take time, but I am focused and on track.

Best of luck!