I Need Extra Money Coming In To Payoff Debt

I hear you bro or girl or apache helicopter! This was me two years ago. I was broke, working a dead end job for minimal pay, and I had a wedding to pay for. Ridiculous!

Now, two years later, it’s a brand new story. I have a decently paying job, I have a beautiful family, and now I have an extra $10,000+ side business. Things are a lot better, even with a pandemic going on.

But seriously, it’s hard to pay off debt, when there is only so much coming in. And then you can only slash so much off your budget, before you’re moving back in with mom and dad, and eating ramen. If you even have that option.

But here are my two biggest pieces of advice. Get a better job or build a side/micro business.

Get A Better Job

You’re like, well duh! But to get a better job, you need skills to obtain it. There are a lot of free courses out there(Google certs, Khanacademy, etc.), that you could use to level your job and pay up. Seriously. I know of quite a few firms in my area that are hiring for graphic design and google ads. Some of them even have pretty cool offices to work at.

Maybe you need to move to find these better jobs. Elon moved to find a better state, that would not shut him down for anything. Moving may be needed here as well. But there are also a lot of remote jobs opening as well.

Main point is, get the skills, level up, and then get rewarded.

Starting A Side(Micro) Business

I by chance stumbled upon my micro business. I had always wanted to start a business of my own, but never really found an opportunity, until I was forced to get this very hard certification.

So I had found a job that would hire me, but they wanted me to get a specific certification. So I said okay, even though I knew it was hard to obtain. So I started to blog about my journey and gained a tiny following of people with the same pain point. After I gained the certification, I put my notes and tips together, and built a study guide, for $39. Business starting picking up, I started gaining experience, and I have been able to level it up to a $10,000+ business. Which has helped me pay down my credit card debt, cutting my car loan down in half the time, as well as give me confidence to tackle the big Kahuna, student loans.

Also, building and growing this micro business has given me confidence to help others dig themselves out of massive amounts of debt.

Start small, then you will gain traction over time. Best of luck!



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