How I’m Trying To Pay Down My Student Loans Faster

So I owe $21,659.98 in student loans. I have paid down about $1,200 this year so far. I would like to pay down my loans sooner and faster.

Obviously there needs to be money coming in to pay them down faster.

Unclaimed Money

This is the first place I looked. I Googled: “unclaimed money texas(obviously use the state you live in)”. From there I also checked the other states I had lived in prior. I found that I had around $245. One claim was from an old cable company, the other was from my insurance, and the other was from a former work place.

I had to fill things out online, then they emailed me the paperwork, and then I have to mail in everything. So I’ll write another post on if I got all of this.

Money Laying Around

My mom had some old savings bonds at her house for me. So I am thankful a few aunts and my mom decided to invest in me when I was just born.

I calculated the bonds, and they are around $800. That’s a lot for just asking around and seeing if there are any valuable things in my name or that are/were for me.

Old Jobs

There were a few old work places that I worked at formerly that I know had investment accounts that started as soon as you were hired. I will check with them to see if they have anything in my name.

I will write another post on what I find.

Other Ideas

I use to work on Fiverr for fun, so that might be something else I setup. I would also like to clean garbage cans on the side. I got this idea because mine is dirty and I wanted to know if I could hire someone. There are people in my area, but I was thinking I could do it myself, and maybe do it for others in the neighborhood for a small fee.

I’m a dude, so no one would pay for my onlyfans, lol. But I plan to find more ways to bring in extra income to hit these loans.

I have also been successful with a small online business that brings in a couple of extra hundred a month. So I plan to use that to help hit these loans as well. But the main takeaway from my small business is that I solved a deep pain point in my life a while back ago. Now I help people solve that same pain point with a digital product. So maybe you could do the same.

I hope this helps. Best of luck on your endeavor. I hope to keep you posted on mine.



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