How To Make $2,000 A Month From Your Blog

So, I know they’re q lot of bloggers out there, who want to quit their full-time job, travel, and just work on their blog. I love it!

For me personally, I have a lot of debt to still pay down, before I jump on that ship. I also have two kids and a wife, so most definitely not anytime soon for myself.

But, I’ve already hit $2,000+ a month from my blog. Super blessed to have hit this goal.

Here’s one possible way to accomplish that.

1. Niche Down. I know they’re are a lot of people trying to drive the most traffic to their sites. But what if you only needed 200-300 visitors a month. And not 10,000-100,000. Very doable.

2. Offer Supreme Value. I offer my own products at high prices, because I am scratching my own itch.

3. You already have a website. It’s not that hard to add value, where visitors will pay.

I plan to offer more help on this in upcoming posts.


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